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Architectural work

Great architectural works are admired internationally on account of their visual appeal. From skyscrapers that stand thousands of feet in the air, to buildings that showcase intricate details that look like they have been hand-drawn; a building can sometimes be one of the most impressive things to look at.Our aim at VM ARCHITECTS is to have people notice that heart in structures.

Interior Design

Every architecture design longs for a soulful interior to breathe life into it! The aesthetic value of an individual can be attested by the eclectic beauty of his abode.

What most people forget and what we at VM ARCHITECTS are concerned with is that ultimately the choice of elements and patterns that add and enhance any interior aesthetically, should enhance and reflect the inherent personality of the client be it residential /commercial.

Structural design

The goal of any design process is to achieve an equilibrium of the forces natural or external acting upon a structure.

Our designs ensure this equilibrium by nullifying the constant reactions of external forces acting on the structure with skillful designing absolutely engineered to avert and nullify them.

Project Management

Every project is different, but all share their beginnings in an idea that could be processed through skillful project management and when the optimum business value to a customer is achieved with a history of past-performance, working knowledge and experience, Our support team are the pillars highlighting this and our projects and clients would absolutely endorse this!

Environmental design

It is impossible to design good buildings without understanding their relationship to natural systems. Architecture and Environmental Studies are natural companions.

Our architectural work seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space. Sustainable architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.

Art & Set Design

Bringing epochs and pages of history to life through the design and creation of the sets in performance arts, including movies, theatres, television and plays etc.

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